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LPG station

The LPG LPG station - also known as the mobile gas station or mobile gas pump, etc. - is used for the storage and distribution of liquefied petroleum gas, in particular for LPG fueled vehicles, machinery, equipment and gas cylinders. The unit consists of a carrier, LPG, pump, flow meter and equipment that allows safe and reliable operation (eg safety valves, sensors, switches ...). The device can be placed almost anywhere to fill vehicles, machinery and other devices with LPG. The mobile SKID station for LPG is simple, inexpensive and has a long service life.




Spezifikationen der mobilen Station zur Befüllung von Fahrzeugen mit Autogas

Container volume (gas container): 5 m3
Filling quantity with LPG: cca 2000 kg
Pressure: 17 bar
Pressure: 25 bar
Container type: cylindrical, horizontal
Outer diameter of container: 1,2 m
Total length of the container: 4,7 m
Total length of the SKID equipment: 6 m
Total height of the SKID equipment: 2,2 m
 Flow: 5–50 L/min