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Pressure Vessels

FIPIS is a recognised and distinguished manufacturer of pressure vessels of all types, dimensions and categories, in capacities up to 13 m3.


FIPIS has been awarded a quality assurance certificate in accordance with the EU Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC, PED), according to module H1, which covers design and manufacture of pressure vessels and their operation in the process industry.


In addition to standard pressure vessels, FIPIS also offers vessels according to customer specifications, made from different materials and designed for different applications and media. Our continual technological development and attention to customers' requirements guarantee customer satisfaction and facilitate expert support by FIPIS technical staff. For pressure vessels made to customer specifications, all relevant technical documents according to the applicable pressure equipment regulations and standards can also be furnished on the customer's demand.

Pressure Vessels – Regular Production Programme


Pressure Vessels to Customer's Specifications