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Woven Wire Cloths

Due to their outstanding properties (such as high resistance, strength and durability, chemical and thermal stability, permeability), FIPIS woven wire cloths are suitable for a variety of applications; they are ideal for straining, screening, filtration, separation, protection, structural reinforcement and decoration.


The cloth is made from longitudinal (warp) and transverse (weft) wires, which cross at right angles to form a firm weave of rectangular openings. By varying the arrangement of the wire crossings and pitches, FIPIS designs different types of weave: plain, twilled, plain dutch, twilled dutch weave, etc. We supply wire cloth in roll form or cut to shape. We are pleased to provide advice and assistance to our customers in solving their woven wire cloth application problems, and to share our know-how and technology of cloth and metal forming. FIPIS offers woven wire cloths from its regular production programme and cloths made to customer order, made of other cloth materials and woven in other patterns.



The following materials for cloths are available from FIPIS:

  • mild steel wire
  • stainless steel wire
  • galvanised steel wire
  • copper wire
  • brass wire
  • aluminium wire
  • phosphor-bronze wire 
  • synthetic mono-filament wire